Build your own Ultimate Jeep Wrangler Audio System

These all in one solutions featuring JL Audio marine grade equipment and Alpine Electronics amazing 9″ receiver are the perfect complement to an open top, and muddy trails.


x009-wra.jpgFirst things first, your Jeep needs a head unit that can help you when you need it. Not sure what that check engine light means that just popped on while out in the sticks? Go to the vehicle diagnostic menu on your new X009-WRA from Alpine and you’ll be able to check the codes, and even clear them once you deem them non-essential.

Now that we have a source unit that would make any car guy flip head over heels, lets hook up those outputs to equipment up to par with your new infotainment system. Check out this video of it below!




amps.jpgStarting with the amplifier to provide the juice to all your favorite music. The JL Audio M1000/5 andM700/5 have a compact chassis that won’t impede on the space you need for tools, equipment, and most importantly your passengers. They are also water resistant and built to work in tough conditions. With these two amps, you won’t be left high and dry.




jeep-speakers.jpgNow that we have enough power for a small concert in your Jeep, we’ll hook those outputs up to some speakers that can really take a beating, rain or shine. The JL Audio MX series speakers feature UV inhibitors to make sure your speakers last for years even in the saltiest of environments. These speakers also feature LEDs to give your Jeep a nice cool aura to fit right in with your jams.





Now we’ve got all the other bases covered, we need to cover the bass. JL Audio pulls through again with a few different options sure to meet every consumer’s needs. JL Audio’s FS110 enclosed subwoofers come pre-packaged in a beautiful fiberglass enclosure with a shiny gel-coat finish that is available in white or black to fit any installation. The FS110 enclosures are rated at 250W RMS, and allow you to choose the hole where the wire is ran to fit perfectly into any installation.




The second option is a completely custom finished look only made possible by JL Audio and their line of incredible Stealthboxes. These boxes are designed to blend in seamlessly into your vehicles interior and leave enough space

to fit everything you need for a trip out to the lake. For the Wrangle Unlimited, JL Audio offers a Stealthbox packing a 13.5″ TW5 subwoofer driver and has enough output to take the top off and still have spectacular sub-bass performance. The 2-door Wrangler’s box disappears into the floor of the vehicle behind the rear seats and includes a spot to mount your amplifier and have it completely protected from the elements.




Any audiophile would appreciate this package which we have put together for you. Now you are truly ready to hit the trails in style.

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