Fabrication Showcase: Spring 2016

Summer is right around the corner. That means road trips, camping, car shows, barbecue, fireworks, beaches and more. Getting ready for these festivities for us at Creative means some of the most intricate installations of the year. When somebody walks into our stores and does not want the run of the mill box, amp, and subs, but really want to customize their ride to reflect their own personality we get a little tickle in our gut. We live breath and thrive on these types of installs because the customer gets to leave with a truly one of a kind vehicle, and we get the satisfaction in knowing that they smile every time they turn their vehicle on, because we believe the vehicle should return the favor.

Bask in the glory of custom fabrication and installation in these image galleries below featuring our own installers doing what they love.

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2016 F-150 Platinum

This was a very involved install with Two JL Audio XD600/1 amplifiers on four 10″ TW1 subwoofers and an XD400/4 on two pairs of C3 component speakers.This customer want to make his new truck into his dream truck, and we did it with a Undercover FLEX bed cover, Underglow lighting, wheel well lighting, inner wheel lighting, and light bars. The lights did not stop there however, they continued within the cab of the vehicle to add luxurious foot well lighting, and inside of the subwoofer enclosure which had a Lexan front panel to allow you to see inside of the enclosure. Take a peek at the gallery below to see just how much this truck was transformed from a dime a dozen to one in a million. When asked what the most challenging part of this build was Mark told us that, “Keeping all of the connections and wiring clean and functional, when you have this many inputs and outputs things can turn into a mess real easily.” Thank you Mark McCoy and Dave Sisco for all of your hard work that went into making this truck truly special.

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This was not your ordinary build in an ordinary vehicle. The owner of this truck needed more than just the awe of the pure size of this truck, he wanted the sound to match the appearance. To accomplish this we went with not two, but four pairs of JL Audio C2 6.5″ speakers, three TW3 subwoofers, all of this powered by a XD800/8 on the mids and highs, and an XD1000/1 on the subwoofers. To get the sound to the amplifiers we chose to use a Pioneer NEX series 4200 receiver. This unit was a great choice because it works with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to add an immersive user experience which combines all the features of your phone with easy to use and is unobtrusive to the driving experience. The interior and exterior of this wicked truck is covered with thousands of LEDs to give it a nice atmosphere inside and out. More fantastic work done by our guys Mark McCoy and Dave Sisco.

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’65 Ford Fairlane

A well loved classic got upgraded to a 21st century stereo. This car had the looks and the engine but what it needed was a stereo that sounded as good as the car looks. We took this opportunity to try out an enclosure called a fourth-order bandpass. We chose this style of enclosure to first and foremost get rid of any rattles associated to subwoofers in a trunk of a car. This box is completely sealed from the trunk of the vehicle with only a Lexan window to view the subwoofers. The rear of the box was then ported up through the rear deck of the car. This allowed all of the sound with none of the vibrations to enter the cabin. The Two JL Audio TW1 10″ subwoofers and the two sets of C3 components are all powered by a XD1000/5. The stereo in this car sounds incredible. It has the power to make you feel the music but also has the clarity and balance that you would expect from any quality JL Audio installation. Caleb did an amazing job on this car’s stereo and enclosure.

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