Floating Concerts: How we make waves on the water.

What is better than relaxing on the water with some good music, some friends, and a few brews? We love to work on boats of all shapes and sizes. They are a completely different monster than your standard car stereo install and allow us more flexibility as well as pose unique challenges. We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our installations and their ease of use. The stereos installed into boats generally have different listening areas. The cabin area where people will spend most of their time is where the source unit will find its home. Easy access to controls for the driver lets adjustments be made on the fly. The rear of the boat is usually set up to allow swimmers and skiers to enjoy the music while taking a dip or riding the wake. This Cypress Cay Cayman 250 got the royal treatment. This boat features five pairs of JL Audio MX650  6.5″ coaxial speakers, a pair of MX770 7.7″ speakers, as well as two 10″ M10IB5 infinite baffle subwoofers. All of these are powered by a JL Audio M800/8 and a M600/6 If you’re lucky you will see this bad boat out at the Lake of the Ozarks this summer.

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