SHOW UR RIDE: 2016 Wrap Up – Sedalia, Columbia, and Springfield

What a great year. We started these shows out this year with a rather small following. We wanted more than just a bass-off because we have grown as a company. We still love the earth-shaking bass, but our goal is to help everyone get a well-balanced, beautiful installation. We love the looks of the cars we install stereos in as much as we love the stereo itself. Finding the perfect match of colors, shapes, techniques, and applications really helps a car that is great, become one that is amazing. This is what we were able to showcase this year at all of our stores. At a Show Ur Ride event, we made friends, gave pointers, and learned a thing or two ourselves. Seeing the creativity of the garage installs that came to our shows let us know that this industry is far from bland, and showed us the passion our customers have. Thank you all for coming to these events, and it is only because of you guys we are able to have them. If we keep working over the winter, and keep spreading the word, we will have an even better 2017 season. As always, these shows will be free, these shows will be to learn and share, these shows will always be first and foremost, for you.

Sedalia Fall Show UR Ride


Columbia Fall Show UR Ride


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Springfield Fall Show UR Ride

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